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pukay [Mar. 21st, 2005|11:48 am]
[Current Mood |dirtydirty]
[Current Music |Wilco AM]

Have you ever been like, 'well, white people, they are not really white, more like spanked pink, jaundiced yellow, sooty grey and roast beef brown' - here is where the real white people are - bled opaque like Kosher chickens. But seriously, you forget how hot heterogenity is until you leave for the Isles - everyone here is related, not like kissing cousin cool, more attack of the dreary clones. People here are like beguiled mini americans, heads penitentially bowed to thier 'mobiles', forever asking: wht r u up to tonit?' After several self-charming days of double-barrelled vomit in nottingham, after a couple nice days with aphotographofme, and now handsome as a recently slimed graveyard worm, I have slipped into Edinburgh to pay visit to F. dearest of fond memory, and have done much traipsing and eating of greasy, monocromatic food. Glad to be out of England, which is, basically, a soiled mini-golf course in Atlanta. Scotland on the other hand is like a blackened quarry in Yellowknife. Lots of stone. Everyone in black. Infernal grey. Mouth foam. Sincere, impatient digestion. Why dosent Urethre Herk move here? Restlessness pt. 2 would rule. 'Will you be my assasin?'. Instead of chips with dirty looking Vinegar they spray them with alluringly rancid brown sauce. But I'm loving it here.
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Oh sweet, sweet pain [Jan. 30th, 2005|10:54 am]
[Current Mood |groggygroggy]
[Current Music |Silence]

True, both Van and the Hexx slyly stole off to Calgary's formidable gates, free drinks and manifold wrangler fed horsetoe, but could they have possibly eaten as much chip dip of a half-dozen varieties as I did? My stomach is the united nations of macbeth - shit, I will stave off on the Jews liver next time! It was a nice night but not the same - Van, Hexx and Hershie all truant, no scarves robbed of Christ and motherhood used for limbo, no Hexx in a snowbank surrounded by yellow crusts of frozen dog urine, mumbling "De na na ne nah ne nah ne nah" - but some things are similar: I'm covered with cat hair and I'm hungover like a mouldy towel in the bathhouses of Alexandria. I'm going to eat rocks for lunch.
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ReGifting! [Jan. 29th, 2005|11:56 am]
[Current Mood |enthralledenthralled]
[Current Music |The French Vacation - The Walkmen]

Fuck Yeah! I hope everyone is ready to dance (mix tape madness!)! Please tell me everyone is going. I don't want it to be just me A.S., A.C. and a taxidermied peacock, like last night, shit! Party! P.S. Has anybody read Chekhov's "The Bride" - ostensibly about a young woman who discovers freedom through further education - but truly about a young man who inspired, become moribund and outdated and dies of TB. Is there any hope for me? Christ.
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(no subject) [Jan. 29th, 2005|02:41 am]
[Current Mood |Fancy]
[Current Music |Nara Leao]

Well - I have been silly and presumptuous enough to book a ticket to Scotland for March - Chris will get me drunk for 2 days in London, my mother will make close reading of Freud worthwhile for three days in Nottingham and hopefully Faith will combine those elements, with the least of amount of undue distress, for the last 10 days! Shit - atleast I am not going to Norway - Shit. What lovely weather outside. Today felt almost tropical.
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Seasons Greetings Fellow Geniuses [Dec. 6th, 2004|01:03 am]
I haven't posted on this thing for a while, but I wanted to express what a lovely fall it has been with my Winnipeg friends. It is nice to have an incredible, uncanny, induplicable bunch of smart, sweet, gossipy and none too bad looking English MAs to pass the shortening days with - and what a long, long, beautiful fall! I can't believe my luck - I cringe to imagine the gassy pompous fuckers I might have been stuck with elsewhere! Anyhow, all 4 of you who read this, have yourselves a wonderful holiday (I'm sure I will see atleast 2 thirds of you before I go anyhow) - P.M. please leave me your Montreal number, we will eat greasy shit and you can watch me make a fool of myself in French. A.P.O.M. let me not come back two two dozen recently adopted cats, unless they are de-furred. We will only have 2 days to perfect your (the English and Australians claim it is sexy, who figured?) Canadian accent, and we will get you plastered up in maple leaves. T.H. Wow, New Orleans in Feb. is going to be great, I'm glad you bought a nice car for it, for my part I'm getting your cats saddles, so that I can ride them to school. Thank you for Grove, he makes me convinced I must be a genius, I still owe you beer. I.O.V. Don't let me come back to find out that I have four roomates, 5 in september. I insist on being bastard-cousin to any erstwhile god-kids. I could teach S. Jr. how to bake Challah. All right all, take care, happy Hanumas, festivas and a good New Year.
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NOSTALGIA [Oct. 6th, 2004|11:35 pm]
[Current Mood |nostalgicnostalgic]

Alright Friends,

Taking a departure from my usual cynicism - who came to Winnipeg (from St. James or whatever) only knowing some dude, artist or band? Do any of you remember The Bonaduces? Christ are they ever guiltily good! To continue this sentimental post, here are a couple lyrics that kept us teenaged calgarians machinated tongues in perpetual debt:

"I'm drowning in a curtain call that's aimed above my head, and my bow is just aquiencence to the arc of thier intent. Drafted as a stand-in because my cold and distant face is a dead ringer for the ghost who is still starring in the play every night...The city presses its face to the window in the night, and it flattens like a postcard to a pair of hollow eyes stuck inside". This winnipeg seemed a neurotic fancy! Look at this:
"Lugging our trash from the backyard to the front. The cuffs of our pants soak up the dew from grass thats never been cut. The lifeline we refined for years and years dismantled to thier component gears".

Dammit! I'm going 16 again! Shitswas Poenic!
Who wants to propose sets up a Lyric Symposium for non-existing songs?
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2004|03:17 pm]
[Current Mood |mellowmellow]
[Current Music |The Arcade Fire (and can't stand or stop listening to them)]

Greetings Winnipeg,

Last ditch efforts at acquiring the grizzled gleam of proletarian chic have me shoveling pebbles, drilling holes and banging in boards, without having to resort to overly creasing my curderoy blazer or flailing the hora drunk on Maneshevitz at "Dance Down the Wall" in order to achieve some semblance of grit. Now, repressed and dirty minds off metaphorical connotations of said duties, I have spent two days below ground on Westminster (and at our Provincial(?) airport), occasionally passed by fall leaf accesorized sociology students skipping thier merry way to U. of W (who give me guilty smiles as I try and look as 'short and brutish' as possible) and more often harrased by pious looking middle aged ladies, who with some bygone pioneer spirit figure that because I have a shovel in my hand, I may as well clear away mud so that they can park thier wolseley sized vehicles (B.Siggymac: Volvo drag race down Walnut!). Anyhow, now that I'm both ripped and rich (paycheck for 7.25 hours pending) I will keep on the lookout for a Fort Garry street fight (hopefully formidably Arnason has my back) and will take to carrying ruffled and stained copies of "For Whom the Bell Tolls" in my back pocket. Well, does anyone want to come over for a pre-drink chez moi demain soir before we get foolish in front of our well-reimbursed tormentors?
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(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2004|03:47 pm]

create your own personalized map of the USA
or write about it on the open travel guide

These are the states I have been to. Piddly! Lets go Ben! You are going to need to get a bus!
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BRING HURRICANE IVAN TO WINNIPEG! [Sep. 15th, 2004|12:28 pm]
Is anyone else getting a little tired of benign, hyperbolic Manitoban flood warnings? I mean aside from washing up distant cousins, timbits and the assorted emphemera of digestion, the rising RED or ASS rivers carry with them little of lucrative note. Just imagine what a real hurricane would be like! We could drift a functioning transit system up here. Our gopher like professors will bury beaneath the ground in poorly made book filled bunkers, plastered with provacative pics of T.S Eliot and Katherine Parr Trail and we could TAKE OVER in rafts waiting for the freeze in late september! Lets get biblical! Think about it - if the aspers could import a communications empire to Winnipeg we could atleast get a decent storm, or an NHL team.
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poppers! [Sep. 14th, 2004|05:37 pm]
Greetings fair Winnipeg, and thank you for the dozen plus degrees you have shone upon us for the better part of this fair day, without rain or even locust. You havent quite managed to employ me, but the stack of books I deprived the U. Winnipeg library have me feeling like some sort of GENUIS, which is how, in the midst of verbose, intellectual sentences, we all agree to pronounce GENIUS. That way we can continue to seem (if not to look with a concerted hour of youthful smears and glosses) precocious, and perhaps even be accused of being covert CHILD GENUISES. Disarmingly handsome, interspacially vile wandering Jew that I am, I occasionally come upon the odd gem in city of ours. I encourage one and all to take a weak tea at POPPERS, wherein you can aquire said tea and an accompanying little, greasy speckled bag of popcorn and sit beneath a lovely half-nut dome, where you can seduce yourself with bygone halluncinations of the imigrant experience, or, of you are particularly talented, whistful, impressionable or drugged, imagine yourself a little europe, skirted women with long legs, well dressed men and cinematic seeming children straight from Truffaut. Laze back into your plastic chair and peel off a couple tasty wads of early 90's gum too quickly discarded. If after your sixth tea you manage to reduce conversation with the sprightly though glazy eyed man of 60 behind the counter to a series of incoherent, lusty provocations, then you can approach boggled looking Japanese tourists and give them wrong directions to the CN tower, hot springs or Stanley Park. In the meantime though, take yourself a seat - see you there!
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